Whether you are making movement analysis, measuring recovery, strain or any other sport related biosignal, Mega Electronics provides the ideal measuring instruments for every job. Our best-in-class level biosignal monitoring devices set the standard in sport research and athlete training.

Rehabilitation & BiofeedbackMega Electronics offers a variety of measurement instruments for rehabilitation and biofeedback. With the help of customizable instruments and flexible software, you can more easily achieve your goals in rehabilitation and biofeedback applications.

Work medicineWe have a variety of effective tools ranging from HRV measurements to muscle strain field measurements for occupational health. You can integrate our measurement systems with other measurements to gain the deepest and broadest possible view of any work task.

CardiacMega Electronics has developed some of the most accurate instruments available for cardiac research. These instruments have broad applications in medical research and health testing arenas.

Neuro ScienceWe deliver cutting edge EEG and software, that meets your most demanding needs. Our Neuro Science units are very high quality, durable and easy to operate. In addition, they're easy to upgrade thanks to their modular structure.

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do our best to help you to find the right tools for your biosignal measurement needs.

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