Neuro ScienceWe deliver cutting edge EEG and software, that meets your most demanding needs. Our Neuro Science units are very high quality, durable and easy to operate. In addition, they're easy to upgrade thanks to their modular structure.

BrainStatus EEG electrode set is a solution to the common EEG diagnostics problems. The electrode set is disposable and, unlike traditional headbands, it is placed on the hairless areas of the patient's head, which makes proper placement easier and faster.
Do you have a unique biosignal measurement project? Would you like a custom feature added to our product? Mega Electronics offers customization services to optimize measurement devices for your application.
NeurOne is a High-Res EEG System with TMS and MRI compatibility. NeurOne provides more speed and accuracy for EMG/EP, SEP, NCV and EEG, DC-EEG (wide band) measurements.

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