eMotion ECG Mobile is a remote electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring system. Continuous real time monitoring is done at home or at work this way allowing normal everyday life. With eMotion ECG the safety of the patient is ensured and resources will be used more efficiently.
eMotion Faros device series is an innovative tool for monitoring ECG, HRV (Heart Rate Variability), stress, recovery and general well-being.
HRV Scanner. Comprehensive heart rate variability analyzing system for occupational health and rehabilitation.

FemiScan therapy is an effective and pain-free method for the treatment of urinary incontinence and pelvic floor rehabilitation. FemiScan therapy is a natural alternative to surgery.
Biomonitor ME6000 is a portable wireless telemetry and data logger. Ability to measure electromyography (EMG) and other physiological signals up to 16 channels simultaneously.
WBA is a compact wireless bioamplifier for rehabilitation, research and various sports applications. The compact device offers precision bioamplifier microprocessing capacity with lead wires to disposable electrodes and includes a small li-ion rechargeable battery.

NeurOne is a High-Res EEG System with TMS and fMRI compatibility. NeurOne provides more speed and accuracy for EMG/EP, SEP, NCV and EEG, DC-EEG (wide band) measurements.
BrainStatus EEG electrode set is a solution to the common EEG diagnostics problems. The electrode set is disposable and, unlike traditional headbands, it is placed on the hairless areas of the patient’s head, which makes proper placement easier and faster.
Do you have a unique biosignal measurement project? Would you like a custom feature added to our product? Mega Electronics offers customization services to optimize measurement devices for your application.


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